Friday, March 15, 2013

Donate Money for MJai!

Hey Everyone!

Please consider donating some money for our sweet friend MJai who was hit
by a car in Bloomfield wednesday morning. It was a hit and run! Seeing that MJai was hit so hard they spilled over the hood bike and all, the driver couldn't have "not noticed" they hit a precious human AND thier beloved bike.

So today is Friday and MJai is on the mend! While there are some financial opportunities through different victims of crimes funds (and a hit and run IS a crime) and also the Charity care option at UPMC, we friends and family would like to pitch in too.

MJai broke their femur/thigh bone in 3 places! I heard the doc himself say it was realigned perfectly, so that is positive. THE TOTALLY INTENSE PAIN isn't so positive. The only attending 3 days of orientation for the new nursing position at UPMC shadyside, not so positive. Like will MJai not be able to work there because of this? (We don't know) The having friends and family support TOTALLY POSITIVE.

There is one specific medication that will cost $1000. It's an anti-coagulant that makes sure the high risk femur fracture patient doesnt get a "blood clot and die". The doc said it himself. We agreed that would be very bad! The family is trying to get medical assistance for it, but we thought it would be awesome if they didn't have to worry about that in case all the paper work doesn't go through.

So can you spare some money for MJai? If the funds do come thorugh, it would still be nice to gift our dear friend who has just been through a tramatic accident some cash to make the mend alittle easier.

If 20 people gave $50 bucks. That would be $1000.
If 40 people gave $25 bucks. That would be $1000.
If 66 and 1/2 people gave $15. That would be $1000.

A $5 dollar donation is nothing to sneeze at!

Any amount helps.

people who love MJai!!

also if you want to make a donation but not online you can contact-

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